keeping it fresh

Sometimes when you’re a freelancer, it can be a long while between jobs…especially when the economy is struggling. And with as quickly as design trends and technologies seem to be changing, that lull can put you at risk of falling behind the curve. One of the ways I try to balance out the hazards of a business lull is to study, whether it’s paid classes from design software companies or free online CEUs about new products and techniques. Each week I set aside time to read new articles, or research a product that seems interesting, and even a few minutes here and there adds up over time.

Where to find all these resources, if you don’t have a clue where to start? Blogger Amanda Lee at House Revivals has a great list you can use as a starting point. Many of the sites that she recommends have additional links to articles and courses, as do the web pages for the major interior design and architecture publications. I especially enjoy The Continuing Education Center sponsored by McGraw-Hill and Architectural Record; its interdisciplinary approach covers interior design, architecture, engineering, products, and technologies and how they interact. Many of these courses can also be used to count toward certification credits too, depending on your field’s accrediting body!


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