a modest ‘proposal’


When you do a fair amount of freelance work and don’t have an advertising budget, most of your projects tend to come through word of mouth: happy clients recommending you to their friends. But rarely is that enough to pay the bills; more often than not, it becomes necessary to seek out projects on your own. Fortunately there are plenty of people who prefer to hire freelancers because without the overhead of running a huge office, their costs are often lower. All you have to do is find them, though online search platforms like Upwork and freelance.com are making it easier. Since these folks aren’t your regular clients, though, they don’t know you; so why should they hire you?

And that’s why you need to propose.

Design proposals are a bit like a first date, or in business terms, a cover-letter and initial interview rolled into one: who you are, why you think you’ll be the best fit for the project, a portfolio when requested, and often a bid for services. It can seem a bit overwhelming at first-I’ll admit I was terrified-but like everything else, practice makes perfect; the more proposals you write, the easier it will become. Will you win every project that you bid? Probably not, but a great proposal will increase your odds and increase exposure for your brand. Everyone’s got to start somewhere, after all…


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