aqua romance


Sometimes, you’ve absolutely fallen in love with this one piece of furniture, painting, rug, accessory. Whatever it is, you’ve decided that you can’t live without it. Come what may, you’re working it into your design one way or another. Well, that’s what happened with Aqua Romance. My current design obsession is uniquely patterned rugs, and Maise by One Kings Lane with its watercolor-like effect certainly qualifies.

The abstract style of the rug, combined with its Rococo-esque colors and curving lines, makes it perfect for playing mix-and-match with both modern and traditional design elements. I chose to echo the colors of the rug in an elegant upholstered headboard, and paired it with a Bergere-style chair (popular during the Regency and Rococo periods), and a Regency-influenced nightstand. Gilded accessories added a touch of luxury without being over-the-top, and allowed me to tie in a very modern–but incredibly romantic–light fixture of branches and blossoms that reflect the floral pattern on the rug.

I hope you love this look as much as I do!




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